Do's and Dont's when viewing an open house

If you’re serious about buying a new home, you’ve probably contemplated taking in a few open houses on a Sunday afternoon. Below are some of the dos and don’ts when viewing an open house.

Open Every Door
When you find yourself in someone else’s home, it’s all too easy to think that there are some rooms that are off-limits. However, the whole purpose of an open house is to sell the house to serious buyers, and it’s expected that you’ll want to go through every door.

Do Bring Your Agent
Open houses are often hosted by the seller’s listing agent. This can be awkward for buyers, who may think it would be rude to bring their own agent to the viewing. This is not a problem. Agents are fully aware the best real estate transactions take two while at the home, you can rely on your feedback, which your agent can use to find more suitable homes in the future or start on making an offer.

 Do Take Fliers & Brochures
Sellers who are on the ball will prepare printouts for interested buyers to pick up and take home. These fliers and brochures typically provide the basic details and show a few photos, which makes it easier for you to keep track of where you’ve visited. Some sellers will also provide details of recent renovations, repairs, and inspections that make their homes stand out against similar properties.

Do Bring The Kids
When you move to a new home, it's important that the kids are a part of the decision. As such, it's absolutely fine to bring them to an open house. Just be sure to keep with you at all times – if you let them run around, they disrupt other guests, cause damage or pick up things that they shouldn’t.

Don’t Make a Mess
The golden rule with open houses is to treat each house like your own, if not better. If it's been raining or snowing outside, thoroughly wipe your feet and be prepared to remove your shoes as you tour the home. If you take a cookie they offer, try not to leave a trail of crumbs, and be sure to throw away your trash.