Team Alliance Marketing

We have always been exceptional with our Marketing strategies. We have set aside a huge budget for Marketing, as marketing is unquestionably the spine of our business. Over the years, we have advertised heavily in outdoor, Print Online and Social Media. We have an even wider budget for our future advertising and marketing. Through our marketing we have created a strong brand presence that has made us a superior brokerage giving us an edge over other realtors during real estate negotiations.


Outdoor Advertising
Our major success has been outdoor advertising. We have been continuously and consistently advertising in Bus Shelters, Transit Bus Side panels, Super Billboards and also through banner advertising during various community events.
Print Media
We have also gathered enough reach through advertising in newspaper ads and magazines. We have been in the eye of people from various community. We have also been distributing hundreds of thousands of flyers a year for branding and also to advertise all our listings for maximum reach.
Online Media
We are now giving even more focus to the online media. We have revamped our website with easy but advanced search options and we conduct various online campaigns.
Social Media
We’ve been sharing and advertising through our facebook, twitter, linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and various other social media networks which has substantially increased our capacity to communicate with people that belong to a diverse of cultures.